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by Bark

Hello there, dear friend! :huggle: Allow me to begin my critique with my initial reaction after the first read, which was that I was highly im...

Reading the piece twice over, I have come to realize how much I truly appreciate your plot and pacing and if only one thing, I have a f...

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Lightning Bug CosmosI lace my skin up like a corset, peel back the blinds on my eyelids, and take a step forward, waking from the poppies to the
                    lightning bug glow of truth tapping on my eardrums.
In front of the mirror I stand, but what I notice is not the awkward crook of my nose or butterfly lashes. I look into the lighted mirror as if searching for answers hidden under
Ribbon-like sets of
                                    veins, arteries and nerves.
Sometimes it all flows correctly; sometimes everything becomes
     knotted up in all the wrong places.  Skin toughened by beatings brought about by the
I wanted to say yes.I wanted to say yes.
I wanted to take your hand in mine and like a couple of idiots, run through the heavy traffic and pouring rain, and keep at it till our feet resign.
We'd find a tree with branches wide enough with leaves broad or plentiful enough to take shelter under, and there, you'd place your head on my lap as I'd sing you my favorite love song. The song I'd always wanted you to sing to me.
If only I hadn't found out the hard way that your feelings for me are but as thin as an onion's skin and that I could never accept and bow down to no matter how suave your courting style may be. If only I was stupider than what I really am- maybe then I would have reciprocated to your efforts all my yearning I've kept sealed tightly, maybe then we might have had a chance.
When I told you to make things clear and to stop teetering between the fringes of my hopes and dreams and the cruel loneliness that awaits, my blood was already thinning and I was gagging from my silent yet continually flow
an irrevocable truthi.
snowflake child, you are a fine example
of the incandescence of a human light
even under innumerable umbras
i see you- ruby and blooming
ferociously fighting your way
out of a pile of rubble
my anemone, my halo
that comely wraps around my moon pith
do not fret if i self-stumble, fumble
with my fingers, and mumble to my toes
my center of gravity is oft frail and
meek to begin with
you are lead cause of the diamond flecks
scattering about the carbon of my pupils
you do not leave me
you teach me to be
snake-eyed yet shotgun-hearted-
a sapphire wanderlust livid
for life and star-gazing sights, you map
constellations on my freckles and fright  
look now at how i'll find my lighthouse lover
then tend to some kids
and grow out of my gills and into grey hairs
then tend to some kids with their own kids
and reminisce about friends and phenomena
i signed my name on a patch of sky with
all on my own except
that your hand never left mine
that if i were to crumble
like the sandcastle

DLDs :heart:

always half-finishedi can tell you how much i loathe anyone or anything that lingers, even when they're beautiful. my anxiety disorder can't handle any of that. yet it's been one year and one month and i'm still stuck in reverse.
nauseated is the prettiest emotion i've felt so far because for once, i can see an actual physical rejection, rather than these invisible strings snapping on the inside, but never showing even a blemish on the outside.
my screams have begun to ferment as they remain bottled up in what i imagine to be gruesome-colored vials within the shelves of my intestines. each vial must be carrying individual, heart-straining yelps, yelling and sobs from different moments in time yet all having been filled from one source (you).
i have paint swatches stuck in my journals that i try and match with each of the aches that i can feel from these vials. this blue, is your eyes and this off green is the way they made me feel. color coded aches.
maybe then you would have seen this coming.
the way the
...signaling a beginning.It is much too cold for May.
cold iridescence
breaking in.
He hates the cold now, you see.
He thought he'd always dislike heat
as he had since
six at school.
Fond of hugs and of sun,
being teased as
'sticky Steve'.
I guess
is one key to curing
some sorts of incongruities.
It was much too cold that day as well.
Calendar and watch and
lucky compass
all set out.
Wind serenely flouncing,
roads skimpily iced.
Mrs. and son and their Tahoe by
electric barbwire were mutilated-
sliver served.
As he sat there
eyes feasting
He wrapped a robe around his
pajama-clad boody,
scouting his bedside for his glasses.
rummaging through the porch bushes
for the newspaper.
May 02, 2012
"The four year anniversary
of the taboo tragedy..."
"The culmination of
1 year and 8 months and 13 days
in mental asylum...
sentence out..."
"...younger sister and
aunt of victims... piercing the tires"
"...will deservedly
decay in a
17-180 micrometersWhen we say hairline
understood as human hair
in the average of our daily lives would indicate
such a minuscule matter
microscopic width
indifferent distance
But when it becomes
the keen remoteness between your heart and mine
and the
almost warmth of your sure touch on my doubtful skin
I'd rather be at the apex
while you at the bottom of the
Himalayan mountains
where the cold and view of horizon
would help
lessen the longing
But I
I digress
and I
remind myself
of the 17-180 micrometer
demarcation bar
hairline fracture-esque in appearance  
yet gargantuan in sensation
You are the maxillary 3rd molars
I should have extracted  
long ago
I suffocate
living in broken recording
hearing your breath whisper
I hope you
give up
and drown
where sunlight can never again reach you
nor deja vu resuscitate the harbored air
of our 17-180 micrometer
transatlantic gully  
I am tormented by a hairline
I am being pushed to the purlieu of my exis
Your Answer: A Ghazal   Will I ever get to touch you again? I'm waiting for an answer
      You pour out your shy love grain by grain while I'm waiting for an answer
   Have your once moist lips begun to crackle? I have become parched patience
      My kisses once made you writhe in pain yet I'm waiting for an answer
   Where our rings were, a mark remains and in shared memories we linger
      Please be true and say you will remain as I'm waiting for an answer
   To what do I compare my love for thee? You shine so effortlessly
      Oh Moroccan rose I'll be your rain, how I'm waiting for an answer
   Finally our fingers lace and all's in its place, we're back together
      Now love will bind us with ball and chain, yes, I'm waiting for an answer<

Serendipity and SnowfallI am la vie en rose,
a newborn with as many mini bones in my body as possibilities.
I am potential waiting to be tapped into.
I am a spectrum of light,
serenity in the symmetry of a snowflake.
I come veiled in lace from everlasting love's womb with my budding,
goose-flesh tucked tenderly underneath.
I spread my spirit wide,
outstretching my feather-tips &,
supplicated by twizzles,
I catch my ballerina's foot & fly.
In these fleeting,
finite moments of ubermensch suspension in multiple salchows comes clairvoyance,
a kindness beyond the absolution of mundane minds.
With the key to perfection being repetition,
I pray you watch me as I molt my flaws away under the wondrous,
winter sun.
I shall soar,
from my axel I shall spiral sublimely on the outskirts of onlookers' smiles-
as well as my own,
& I shall skimpily,
glide through the snowflake strata unto the star-studded shangri-la.
I find my freedom in a winter only world.
Let me lease into my
Turning Into Ghosts2007
I have come back. Finally, I am here, standing on the same unwinding road that I was forced to bid goodbye to in what seems to have been eons ago and yet, it feels like I never really left at all. Seventeen years have passed since my nightmares first began to unfold into reality; the summer of 1990 forever haunts me. So full of emotion, my eyes tear up as I am still trying to process my arrival. Truly, I feel as if every time I inhale and my lungs expand, I am instantly pricked with a million needles and, whenever I breathe out and my lungs deflate, it's as if I've lost my soul altogether with the carbon dioxide waste. My heart must be shouldering bricks and my legs are but trapped in cement shoes, I just know it.
Why am I back here? I have already lost everything. I am entering a town filled with past ghosts and demons. I tell myself that I need not revisit this sad reminder of the irreparable yet my feet continue marching along this corkscrew path. A va
seasons' changesi. last fall
i had my heart torn apart
        (by you)
by a boy- one who replaced
his ripped bluish-gray jeans
        (that i loved on you)
for brown corduroy pants to keep him safe
from the coming harshness of winter;
even through its irrational number
of hail and rainstorms,
i don't believe i felt
or recalled a thing about that fall
for it was during that fall that not even the howling of the winds
could help shatter my dangling,
crystallizing heart
and our growing, cathartic distance.
i, too, had to adjust as i was forced
to learn
how to make due
without the heat of your arms
over and around my nape
and waist.
i'm not sure if it was just my imagination,
but, the pre-winter drafts lasted longer
than usual that year.
ii. last winter
you and i became friends,
coming back to where we started off,
on the surface
        (on my part at least)
this was the first winter i'd seen you
wear ear muffs.
you told me about some other girl
        (with the same chestnut hair as mine)
you told me
Sravana VarsaI'm broken branches
in forest trenches
keeping you safe throughout war
I'm hidden rain-songs
lyrical diphthong
trembling by the cooling shore
The sky is running
with ghost clouds gunning
at the clueless masked lovebirds
The moist earth swells up
filling leaking cups
with our fruitless crippled words
Candlelight flickers
leave souls to wither
as my bones set in for night
Prevernal daydreams
undone at the seams
tease you and wind you up tight
My hair is guided by the sea's deep sighs
My skin is summoned by the auburn glow
We took a vow to live without goodbyes
My hair is guided by the sea's deep sighs
I hear bells resounding like last July's
And so by another trench shall I go
My hair is guided by the sea's deep sighs
My skin is summoned by the auburn glow
A Sparrow's Soliloquy"Every year they get a new tattoo," Papa exclaims while pointing at a certain pop band as he watches the MTV Music Awards with me. I am reminded to untuck my hair from my ear in order to prevent him from catching my already 3rd secret tattoo.
Papa's love, for me, has always been proportional to the width and warmth of his grizzly bear paws that wrap perfectly around my cold and anemic bird bones. Sometimes I wonder how much of his heart do I really own; he's already proclaimed, in front of mama too, that he loves me far more than anyone he has ever and will ever love. Sometimes, I spend sleepless nights worrying myself to sickness upon the days to come when he'll find out that I'm not the perfect little princess he's always believed me to be.
I may be Papa's pocket-sized, big-hearted English literature college professor delight of a daughter, but sadly, it has to be that I am also his gender fluid, underground indie band lead singer nightmare of a baby girl.

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The Saturday Spotlight for July 7th, 2012Guidelines | How to Suggest a DLD | Group Administrators | Affiliation | Chatroom | Current Staff Openings
Saturday Spotlight for July 7th, 2012
Daily Literature Deviations is proud to feature this special recognition article!
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the person behind the art.
Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artist!
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:thumb355353646: A Call to Conversation (22)--:devsammur-amat:Welcome to the 22nd article focusing on featuring and getting to know the deviants behind the work! This series will be posted every Wednesday. If you have a deviant you'd like to see included, please send =TwilightPoetess a note with the subject "Call to Conversation"--make sure to include the deviant's name as well as a reason you think they'd make a good interview subject! Also, feel free to send along a question or two you'd like to have answered by them!
This week's featured deviant is Sammur-amat!
Sammur-amat is one of those deviants who goes out of her way to make everyone ELSE feel special; she's a gem, and you should definitely peruse her lovely gallery.  I stole a snippet from the bio on her profile page to share here:  "My greatest inspirations come from starry skies and shimmering seas. Nothing in my opinion is more beautiful to paint/write about than the seemingly endless. I

Interview With An Admin1. Hi Sammur-amat! You've been selected for our staff interview for Love-Literature!
Hooray! :squee:
2. What made you want to become an admin for Love-Literature? And what does your role entail?
I joined the admin with a little hint from my dear friend and creative genius of the group AimeeRaindrop.
As of the moment, I'm an official lurker for the group.
3. What do you like most about being an admin for Love-Literature?
Getting exposed to a multitude of pieces is the best part of being an admin for Love-Literature. I get to discover firsthand poetry and prose pieces written in almost every genre from every skill level.
4. Are there any deviants who inspire you here on dA? If so, who are they are and what is your favorite piece of theirs? (Up to 4 deviants, 1 piece per deviant, please)
Gosh, I have so many favorite writer-poet friends on this site that have both served great sources of inspiration and strength. It would be imposs
Let's Talk Writing: Issue 8Let's Talk Writing: Issue 8
Let's Talk Writing is my new article featuring five different writers that I've discovered here on deviantArt. It will be published every Friday. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to note me. I will take them into consideration. Now, Let's Talk Writing!
Writer #1: :icondistortified: distortified

What inspired you to start writing?
I couldn't really tell you, to be honest. I just did it, since I could. I always loved reading, so of course that fueled the fire, but there was always just some story unfolding in the back of my head, and it seemed only natural to write it out. Stephen King inspired me a lot as an artist, and I had a family full of readers that always encouraged me, but I can't think of any one catalyst that definitively got me started.

How much do you feel you've improved in the last few years?
Tremendously. Specifically the last three

Humbling Reviews <3

So-sweet-award by mirz-alt
Created by the marvelous mirz-alt for the top 10 sweetest deviants to which I am humbled to be part of. You can check the article out over here: :love:
Thank you so very much to everyone who voted! I am so very blessed to be part of this captivating community! :tighthug:

"Sammur-amat is a writer of inspiring passion and she manages quite skillfully to instill wonder. She has a great sense of flow – her vivid words are strung together so masterfully by the end you are often left speechless. Her writing has a lovely fantastical sense but holds subtly to reality – a combination that allows you to escape into vivid imagery wrapped in real and keenly felt emotions."
-- 0hgravity

"Sammur-amat is a free verse powerhouse, and an introspective prose writer - a mix between e e cummings, san francisco renaissance and harlem renaissance writers on one side, and "Waltz with Bashir" style of film noir narration on the other, with a tint of time magazine panache added in for good measure."
-- shehrozeameen

"Dee's art will heal you. No matter what ails you, no matter that some of her poetry and fiction is harsh and painful in its beauty, her words are a cure. Each piece is so vivid, so imagistic, you will finish in one of two ways: satisfied, sated or with a burning fire to do - something. Her words will infiltrate your spirit, and you will not be able to help reading her poetry aloud. Check out her gallery!!"
-- travelgirlxx


:bulletpink: I am always up for collaborations and will do writing commissions for points, that is:heart:

:bulletblue: I welcome critique requests. If I ever feel that I am not suitable/comfortable enough to provide you with a decent enough critique on a selected piece, I will be sure to inform you. :XD:

:bulletpink: I also really appreciate with all my heartstrings each and every single person who takes the time to view, critique, watch, comment and/or fave my work. You guys inspire the heck outta me! :love:


:bulletpink: I like pink and blue colored cotton candy :meow:

:bulletblue: To suggest literature DD's, rememebr to note either DorianHarper, GrimFace242, or neurotype

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GUYS!! I just won 1st place in BurdenedHearts 120 Seconds Contest- Personal Category!! :heart: :heart: :heart: 

10 deviants said Congratulations to all other winners and honorable mentions! :eager:
2 deviants said I am honestly beyond pleasantly surprised :love:
1 deviant said Check out the contest results journal over HERE: 120 Seconds - Results!!Winners
and the results are finally in! Thanks to everyone who entered this competition was hard work to run and judge but totally worth it to hear people talking passionately about things they care about! The winners are...
In the GLOBAL category...
Synesthi's speech

Delta-13's speech

DamonWakes' speech

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bloodawni's speech

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Beyond-An-Anomaly's speech

In the PERSONAL category...
No deviants said Thank you to all prize donors, you guys have hearts of gold :tighthug:
No deviants said Let's not forget the wonderful group of judges, you guys are gorg :la:


Artist | Varied
Twenty Three.
Its always complicated.
Professional substitute grandmother and
Cookie Monster stunt double.

My greatest inspirations come from starry skies and shimmering seas. Nothing in my opinion is more beautiful to paint/write about than the seemingly endless. I fantasize about being an astronaut or a mermaid or better yet, an astronautical mermaid.

If I were to color myself, I'd do so in rose red and iris blue, then I'd spinkle glitter all over.

I am the pervert in the art store who's always copping a feel of the sample papers.

I believe that human souls:
1. are and will always be the most dumbfounded existences in this world and therefore they also;
2. are and will always be on this never-ending search to find themselves.

My heart's an antique that I can never leave home without as I've always worn it on my sleeve.

Chancing upon butterflies fluttering about on sunny days makes me happy beyond measure. Fireflies on cool nights work splendidly too.

The scent of roses, eucalyptus and cinnamon always reminds me of people, places and objects I hold dear.

Someone once told me that I smelled like a walk in the gardens after a drizzle. It is still one of the best (and original) compliments I have ever received.

My loved ones know me as a seriously ill, art-dependent readaholic. I've been caught smoking paint and ink as if they always were my last joint. I also secretly have bottles and bottles of book wine hidden all over my home.

I have cat-shaped sleepy eyes that some people find fascinating. Who knows? Maybe if I have enough chocolate and fluoxetine I could start singing and pooping rainbows like our beloved nyan cat.

I'm Sorrys and Thank Yous

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 10, 2013, 10:03 AM
I'm sorry for having been away for so long without any prior notice,
words cannot suffice in expressing how much I have truly missed you all. :tighthug:

I'm sorry for not having replied to your last comment/response/critique/mention,
I have been in over my head with real life pandemonium but I promise you,
your kind words have not gone unread and shall not be deleted until 
I have responded to each and every one of your 1,499 Feedback Messages
as soon as I can officially come back to dA- which I do hope will be soonest! :eager:

I'm sorry for not yet releasing the results of the Written In The Stars Contest since with
no thanks to real life, I have yet to find the time to truly sit down and reread over
and again until I come up with the winning pieces. (I have of course, already read each 
entry at least once and may I just say how floored I am with how many fantastic entries 
there are, you guys sure aren't making judging easy on me :XD:May I kindly and humbly 
request you lovelies to give me some more time? I am truly hoping for your patience,
forgiveness, and understanding with regard to my lacks and wrongdoings. :pray:

Thank you for all support and the wonderful birthday greetings, you have all been far too kind 
and gentle to the undeserving me.To say that your words and kindness have saved me is in no 
way an exaggeration, believe me. :heart:

Thank you for being such beautiful beings and for sharing a bit of your bright 
and blessed lights with me and cheers to many more of mine and your birthdays
commemorated, celebrated and appreciated together. :la:

Thank you to those of you who took the time to note and check in on me, 
although I have yet to reply, know that your seemingly simple acts of kindness 
in my eyes are ever so awe-inspiring, know that I love you all and hold you all 
ever so closely and dearly to my heart! :love:

Skin by alealara


Sammur-amat has started a donation pool!
1,987 / 3,000
:bulletpink: First and foremost, donations will be put to good use as I wish to reward fellow deviants- whether for acts of kindness or victory in competitions or challenges:heart:

:bulletblue: So please, do help me help others! Thank you so very much for your assistance and generosity, it is truly appreciated! :huggle:

:bulletpink: Again, I also do literature commissions for points :la:

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