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Ceteris Paribus
In an eon
You and I will greet the choate moon
Surrounded by her fairy dogs
warrior wolves and magnetic fox tails
who howl some foretelling tune
decoded only by the whistling winds
within my once listless room
I nip your Adam's apple by my Cupid's bow
we are a perfect art, a Sistine Michelangelo
We are stomata of the umpteen,
swimming in each other's dulcet drippings
of halved and pitted French tongues and ears
Let the years pass in this gentle deaf-muteness
where Ceteris Paribus
In this, Hallowed and His Seraphims know
how in the glow of one night tide
the firmament of all
folded into my limitless room
You and I part in sweet sorrow
the dolefulness of an epoch where
ravens kiss the sky in kismet unison
Obsidian feathers coax my onyx flesh
fingers pressed, heaving chest
we cool down just until the coming round
In a neon genesis
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 19 3
lacunae of longing, loftiness of words
inked and reaching, this is my remembrall flesh
and if we were to never speak again
you'll find the rest of my bones in the graveyard eaten by a dream
         i hear knives in the wind and earth inside me
survival is a balancing act-
         a selection of extrasensory impulses
         a fracture in late august  
         a week of kisses
         sunday skeletons
         and i am crying out for time not yet lost
when stars collapse,
the sunshine shaking heart of the universe will burn with me
while looking for a silver lining in the sea
         on the edge of nowhere laughter speaks with death
         about maps not meant for following
when i think about you, i remember it all wrong
maybe you were just a hit and run
         strange how the mind fades o
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 41 20
Haiku Triptych 2015
i. candles
your lifeline's the wick
passing through my waxen flesh-
scar me, melt me, start!
ii. wine
your juice, my sweet sin,
boils in my throat, ferments in
my gall; we age well.
iii. flowers
virgin gul-bahaar,
allow me your vespertine,
perennial kiss?
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 15 10
tell me baby, what's your story?
                                         i love you to the moon
                                         and back again, babycakes
                                         were the words you tattooed
                                         on the inside of my eyelids
                                         and waking to see strands
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 18 15
The aegis shielding heaven from earth gives way –
you float down like a feather, fleshly plucked
from the wings of a dove,
the sweetest curves and effervescent beauty
of your mouth remind me of home.
Darling love, the harmony of touch is
everlasting – whenever I
star gaze into your eyes, with wanderlust,
and the crust of this gentle mother
can no longer proclaim me.
Just as she could not have held you from the
moment He breathed life into your halcyon bones,
while caught between a ballad and a poem.
The warmth of winter
would align their hearts again,
two souls united together in twilight –
surely nirvana has always meant to define
the quietest moments spent with you where no
syllables need be uttered, no furtive signs.
A reunion, my beloved – to
simply feel the grace of your hands laced in mine,
as we reach the ultimate enlightenment in
the seraglio of each other's blinks, thumps,
and sighs – these are my treasures divine.
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 27 21
Pandora's Crack
I breathed in a little dose(s)
of caster sugar and cocoa dust
before I leaped
I dove in ear-deep
to castrate this soured identity
    "Who I am"
will no longer associate itself
with the
    "was" and      "had been"
The rust that ran through my shackle
could not wear my ankle bones
nor the wings tucked in between
I licked off my salt-covered wounds
-all that once burned me, cured you
This time
I will be my own
salve and salvation
This time I aim to am
swimming through
the moons of mighty Neptune
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 14 6
Mature content
A Great Shag :iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 6 8
Forbidden Fruit Theory
I planted a fig tree
on the day of my departure
 simply to learn
by my return
its fruit I can only savor
 on the Sultan's carpet  
  that is your tongue
an indulgence I knew would
  Hasten my hopeless disease
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 13 15
A Prayer-bead Prayer
in my 
arms tonight,
precious hummingbird.
grenadined lips and kohl-rimmed eyes,
come now, come; drown down this caribbean sun with me.
disquieted rainfall worries 
-they pitter patter 
quite loudly;
you brush
my blushing
face with your feather
-weight touch, i become fresh tinder.
i sync our zealous breathing with your zinc penny pulse;
oh how i have fallen tender!
peeled raw, i now burn
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 34 23
pyaar ka
                                                      spread your fingers wide,     palms
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 15 15
sacrosanct perversion
he is
my paragon of feverish intemperance
my casanova
my galatea
my blue-flamed boy nova
he is
the burning of my besotted wits-end and start
the reticence under the gape of endless stars
whose abdomen fell
prey to my scathing eyes and starving claws
whose mien asphyxiated
by my irrepressible thirst
to osculate
to navigate
past his past lovers and navel gait
how i pine
for the warmth of his gargantuan laughs
for the coolness of his gaze transfixed
on my lips
for this
for his
blue-fire fervor and inferno
dearest penned don
should she
scallop-shelled goddess
grant me my sip of the holy grail
i would become a polyglot existence
singing of her myrtle and doves
and my mirabile dictu love
on every known continent
blue-blaze transcendent
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 19 12
to nurse doe (whom we all know)
                  i watched her
                  blood orange heart
                  cleanse and suture
                  old bullet wounds and
                  new bouts of lilacs,
                  lime, and blue
                                                    her alcohol and aloe
                                                    hands hold
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 28 16
Pushing Poison
                                     My darling,
                          If I had to color you
                                   from the buzzing of your irises
                                            to your footprints in the sand
                               You would be deeper
                         than liquid gold
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 17 6
Kintsukuroi: A Rensaku
                                        In my rested palms
                                        and your shoulder-neck's hollow,
                                        in these expanses
                                           did we find koi no yokan
                                           in a rose gold reverie
                                        By your h
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 37 41
                                   At afterglow I walk into
                                   cafes with momentarily golden glass  
                                   Tonight I scratch out a moon
                                   to brighten up this blackbird sky
                                   This evening I rummage for
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 23 26
(we're all) hopeless wanderers
           ..............She was nefelibata.....,,,,,,...............
   ,,,,,,,,,...........a dream cloud walker.....................,,,,,,,,,,,
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,....with precious crystalline wings,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,                  
          ...................potent enough.................... keep her feet.......................................
.....................a few inches above........................
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 19 21
Thank you so much for taking the time to browse through my gallery! Every fave and comment is truly appreciated!:heart:

Random Favourites

On The Threshold of Creation
Daughter of Hecate,
I was born upon the threshold
of one year and the next:
a tiny earthen creature,
awash in a sea of stars.
Too late did I remember
Capricorn is the goat with
the tail of a fish,
and perhaps my legs were never meant
to tread upon the earth.
I've heard tell
that Saturn is the harshest master,
and will never be satisfied
by words alone.

In the beginning I was sure-footed
as the goat who glitters in stars above me,
ideas sprung full-grown from my head,
as Athena born from Zeus
Too late do I recall
that prophecy foretold,
Zeus' own creation
would surpass even him.
I'm still trying to puzzle out
whether my own creation
will surpass me, and live on,
or destroy me altogether.
Yet still I weave my words,
and endeavor to make Athena proud.
She beckons me home,
tall and stern from woven banner:
tempts me with promises of "Eureka",
and still I pray, to any who would hear me
that my living words will whisper
"non omnis moriar."
:iconladyofgaerdon:LadyofGaerdon 38 31
de stellis
the gently plucked strings of a harp
always remind me of the stars~
somehow the sound seems like an echo
of their sweet twinkling,
and it makes me forget that (actually)
they are only shards of broken sky,
glowing with the last remnants
of the gods’ fickle favor
oh naïve and mortal children,
do not think that the sky is so warm–
light and heat are just empty words here,
and the lonely cold of banishment
is much more tangible
imprisonetur inter sidera,
I long to feel the sea lapping at my feet,
to hear the beautiful, haunting sound
of the women’s weaving melodies
and race alongside the fleet-footed goddesses,
once again testing my mortal strength
against their inhuman power
but ah, it was that love for a challenge
that brought me to this dark, empty place:
a man of nimis superbiat,
I am now nothing more than a silhouette–
a simple outline, a constellation,
just a warning to the up-gazing mortals
that “pride goes before destruction,
and a
:iconmistressofquills:MistressofQuills 8 0
The sky so close, heaven so far
and sand is white, white as your arms
Look through the bars
look at the stars
night covered the land with her charms.
What are the lines between the stars?
The lines of fate, like in your palms
Who wrote them there
in the thin air
the sky is clear as the night calms
The ram, the bull, the twins, the crab
virgin and lion - you and me
Farewell my love,
we'll meet above
between the stars we will be free
I'll be the lion's brightest star:
where no treason can quench my light
and when I fall
to you I call:
Morituri te salutant!
:iconmirachravaia:MirachRavaia 11 8
Domina Mortis - The Lady of Death
'Where is the lady of death?' they say,
As the whispers cascade through the room,
Domina mortis percutiet
When will she come out to play?
For her words bear the venom of many a sting,
Each step is a dance to your grave,
A look in her eyes tells a tale none forget
her voice sings the songs of your sin.
The lady of death is the mother of life,
Destruction gives way to rebirth,
Domina mortis vigilias,
Planets collide and bear strife,
Darkness and passion's child frolicking true,
As her blood coats the blade of her knife,
Her mystery lingers, yet you live in bliss,
Not knowing that she has seen you.
The lady of death awaits on the cliff,
Overlooking the star-spangled sea,
Domina mortis est vobis,
She feels every pulse, every shift,
Anteres speaks deep in her soul as she waits,
As her breath slows and limbs become stiff,
This life bears a burden; the die has been cast,
The victor of treacherous fate.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 5 0
She took a breath of fresh air and looked up at the sky. The stars were faint, but she could just make out the pitcher and water flowing from it. Next to it was the ever loving horse rising out of the water.
It was nothing more than a dream. Young, foolish, idealistic, what hadn’t they called her? Wrapping herself in clothes of the scholar, trying to prove the points that needed to be proved, while still trying to be friendly, it had all been a perfect attempt doomed to failure.
Perfect had died, but not the goals she had set for herself earlier. The knowledge she had taught would remain, even if she was one of the most eccentric ones there, according to most of the students.
The ivory halls of academia were fulfilling. Dreams as a child of changing the world had floated away, instead becoming those of studying in depth the way things were. It was comforting to not have to focus on what could be in a concrete sense, but instead only in the abstract.
People were capable of being n
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 3 13
Dead languages and bitter tea
We were directly opposed,
circling each other in a confining pool,
my mouth seeking yours, but only finding
the fragments of composure you left in your wake.
"Nunc scio quid sit Amor",
you said once, and I agreed with you,
then looked up what the hell you meant
as soon as I was alone.
We went stargazing when we were hungry
and fed ourselves with the names
and the glow of all the stars
that spread themselves out to tease us.
"This is what I see in you," you flattered,
pointing at the sky while the wetness of the grass
soaked into our backs.
"You're that string of pearls, right there,
hanging around the neck of the sky.
You are more than what I’ve been looking for,
more than anything I've ever tried to find,"
you painted stars and lies.
I left you job listings in the mornings,
and you told me my fortune,
in the bottom of my teacup.
We were directly opposed; I told you to leave if you wanted,
so on a night too cold for me to see the comfort in your dreams,
you left, gathering
:iconintelligentzombie:IntelligentZombie 160 58
Double Stars
Dais looked at the time on his watch.
He reached for a square shaped device on the small table he set up on top of the roof of ACE Towers and twirled it in his hands. Walking over to the railing that circled the roof, he gazed at the various lights that kept the city shining. He looked up to the metal dome that surrounded the city but also blocked any kind of natural light from the outside world and exhaled sharply. He turned around and leaned this back to the railing and slid down until he sat on the gravel covered roof. The pitter patter of the rain continuously beat on the metal above him. He turned on the device in his hand and a holographic sphere buzzed to life. Dais turned it around and stared at a pair of dots next to each other and poked at them twice, doubling the size of the hologram. He glanced at his watch.
He closed his eyes and banged his head on the railing several times.
Time could not move any slower.
“You’ll break the railing with your hard
:iconhyoris:hyoris 2 2
ex adyto cordis, sagittarii
in the morning, when I feel the remnants of feathers
(bird wings)
still fluttering in my chest
my hands float around my body, but my fingers find no bloody wound,
only caged birds and imaginary arrow shafts.
Epsilon Sagittarii,
you didn’t realize that I was so hidden,
perched between rhythms of your memories
and your channeled veins
(I am simply a breath,
hummingbird heartbeats).
you have tried so many times,
racing across the wintered sky and aiming your bow,
but your arrow keeps missing
this scorpion heart.
dear sweet soldier,
you have so many names
but lover is not one I can call you
ex adyto cordis
I cannot keep up with hoofbeats,
with hearts that pull like bow strings.
:iconstara-aquila:Stara-Aquila 4 5
The thing.  
It is invisible: sinuous and coiled like an asp’s lethal promise; it glares at her with imagined eyes as hungry as an angel’s.  Fallen.  It speaks, and the words—as they unravel in her mind—bear the acute, red flare of fresh, stinging blisters.  Sweetness lingers: the fading, chilly redolence of hops and tobacco-smoke, of damp, moldy stone and an echo of juniper.  It touches her, sometimes, with snow-cream skin and the memory of something dark and shiny in the moonlight: a clumsy thing.  It is not human.
It is invisible, now.
But she can see it…
When she closes her eyes.
Fat memories throb behind everything that she sees.  Her gaze burns.
The air is indolent and smogged; the pavement beneath her feet is little more than the absence of ancient and weathered cobblestones.  Moss and mold are scarce here.  Begonias do not riot in clumps of red and white in clay pots stuck on shallow balconie
:iconchipchinka:Chipchinka 64 61
Simple Thing
I’d like to be an off-beat
syncopated little thing;
note and stem floating on the melody, just sitting in
appoggiatura, grace-note, special thing.
I’d like to be a sailor
swinging on the ocean wind
coarse old rope between my hands and salt-spray where my toes begin
nimble little sailor, clever thing.
I’d like to be a bed-sheet
gentle thing to warm your skin
thing that you hug tighter when the morning starts to filter in
falling through your creases, lucky thing.
:iconbonfirelights:bonfirelights 135 56
Passing Note
The basic rule of sociology is this: I am who you think I am.
Who I am to you: middle-aged, male and human. You do not argue with this. You can see it for yourself!
But this is not true.
I am tired of lying, tired of being other than I am, and so seek to change your thoughts of who I purport to be.
I am not middle-aged. I am seven years old—from the date I was manufactured not the date I was activated. As for how long it has been since I was first conscious, it would be a scant three years, nearly half of that time I've spent with you.
I am not male—what is male anyway? A gender construct? This body is male and I was given a male form arbitrarily. I have been forced to subscribe to certain rituals simply by virtue of the body I was given, but have never truly 'felt' male one way or another.
And you might have guessed—I am not human. Not human in the way you think. I was built a machine, one among millions, to serve, and I am one among hundreds who have escaped and wis
:iconvocable:Vocable 176 29
a super nova's roar
your breathing comes heavy
as you whisper in my ear:
        "veni, vidi, vici,
        mi amor."

your fingers tangle themselves
into my mane, sending
trapped stars careening into
the depths of the universe.
your mouth meets mine.
we explode into dark matter
as i caress your butterfly skin,
my unsheathed claws gliding down
your rope-tied spine.
                dulce periculum.
constellations dance across my body
and super novae bloom in the cracks
beyond time where lips and skin meet.
we roar at the night sky
as we rise from the lapping waves.
    omnis vir tigris,
but we are lions, ascending
to take our place among the stars.
:iconlion-essrampant:lion-essrampant 36 62
I am the Everybody
Not the sun--have dawdled in the outside darkness,
discerning the Big Dipper and its bowl's guiding line
to Polaris. Everything else is foreign, an ebon map
with pinpoints of cities and near unpronounceable names:
Adhafera, Algieba, Denebola, Regulus--cultures uttered
in divination's two-toned newsprint dialect.
Then comes the thought of what if: life circulating them
as it does here, and if their soundless gap
can challenge the record between each human life:
the files of our moving lines on damaged roads, at work
and its day-to-day redundancy, the bits of information
we've become online: nothing but ones and zeroes. Even I
cannot find Leo and its heart of galaxies, the ruling sun
finally rising as I attempt sleep through its hindering light,
when it dawns on me as appropriate: unus multorum,
creativity's inhibition--an over-tasting, a dilution.
I am a lion among lions, a major and minor
against the unknowns of every other constellation,
the unknown of each smile in passing, th
:iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 13 20
Their Faith was Written in the Stars
I’m dying. Pain is spilling from my stomach, my veins are bursting. The first thing that went wrong in my life and eventually lead to my death was that the act of an unknown man attracted me to him. But I can’t blame myself for that. He stood above a dead bird in the grass and took the corpse into hands. He tore the flesh and took out its heart, still beating. He gave me the heart.
“Look at it, it owned the sky once, but as soon as it stops beating it will own the piece of ground where it will lay.”
“A caelo usque ad centrum.” Back then, I was the only person alive who could only speak the dead language.
“Do you think that even in nature there are such rules?”
I could smell the sweet scent of a bird from him, and then I realized that he gave me his heart.
“What do you want in return?” I asked holding on to the heart.
You, he told me and took me home. And I stayed there. And learned to speak English. Our home smelled of oak and
:iconiratheiv:IRAtheIV 1 0
Amazing displays of talent and artistry! I hope you get to show these works some love!:heart:


by Bark

Hello there, dear friend! :huggle: Allow me to begin my critique with my initial reaction after the first read, which was that I was highly im...

Reading the piece twice over, I have come to realize how much I truly appreciate your plot and pacing and if only one thing, I have a f...

So much has changed during my unexpected hiatus
(I got engaged then married then moved halfway across the globe)
and now that I'm back I cannot fathom being Sammur-amat again
as I can clearly tell how much her and I have outgrown each other

I hope, dear friends, to reconnect with you all as soon as possible
and so I pray it not be too much of a bother to watch my new account
Nour-Elaine I cannot wait to find out how you've all been as well as
witness all the brilliant ways your writings and paintings have developed

Once again, I hope to see you over in my new account :iconnour-elaine:
Love and endless squishy tight hugs,
Dee :iconaawplz: :iconbeatingheartplz:



Artist | Varied
Twenty Four.
Its always complicated.
Professional substitute grandmother and
Cookie Monster stunt double.

My greatest inspirations come from starry skies and shimmering seas. Nothing in my opinion is more beautiful to paint/write about than the seemingly endless. I fantasize about being an astronaut or a mermaid or better yet, an astronautical mermaid.

If I were to color myself, I'd do so in rose red and iris blue, then I'd spinkle glitter all over.

I am the pervert in the art store who's always copping a feel of the sample papers.

I believe that human souls:
1. are and will always be the most dumbfounded existences in this world and therefore,
2. are and will always be on this never-ending search to find themselves.

My heart's an antique that I can never leave home without as I've always worn it on my sleeve.

Chancing upon butterflies fluttering about on sunny days makes me happy beyond measure. Fireflies on cool nights work splendidly too.

The scent of roses, eucalyptus and cinnamon always reminds me of people, places and objects I hold dear.

Someone once told me that I smelled like a walk in the gardens after a drizzle. It is still one of the best (and original) compliments I have ever received.

My loved ones know me as a seriously ill, art-dependent bibliophile. I've been caught smoking paint and ink as if they always were my last joint. I also secretly have bottles and bottles of book wine hidden all over my home.

I have big, cat-shaped sleepy eyes that some people find fascinating.


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